RJFC Financing Process

Our premium financing process is streamlined and utilizes a minimum amount of the broker’s time.  Below are steps to obtain a quote and contract in one.  Please feel free to download our quote/renewal request form that has been generically formatted to save to your computer, or contact us to have one personalized and e-mailed to you.

- Please complete the quote/renewal request form and email it to quote@rjfc.ca, or fax it to 519-434-0400.

- We will reply to your request with a quick turn around via email. The email will have an attachment of our quote and contract in one, as well as the schedule of monthly payment plan.

- The documents may be presented to the insured(s) for review and acceptance.

- If financing is accepted, please have insured(s) sign the contract (four pages), wherever  specified as the “Insured/Borrower”, as well as the schedule of monthly payment plan.

- A signature of the Broker/Agent is required on page three of the contract.

- Please attach a void cheque/pre-authorized debit form with the documents for the monthly debit of payments.

- Please note a down payment is required with the signed documents for a contract to be accepted with our firm.  We offer the following options:

  •  Option #1.     E-mail transfer to quote@rjfc.ca.  Please call our office or send us an email message providing the following details: 


                   1) RJFC contract # 

                  2) Password for your security question of the email-transfer 

  • Option #2.     Certified cheque, money order, or broker cheque payable to Robertson James Financial Corporation and mailed to our office.

Additional Information for the Broker/Agent:

- Once our office receives the completed signed documents, we will process the monthly payments accordingly.  A Notice of Assignment from our office will then be emailed to the underwriter and the broker.

- We accept email transfer as an option for missed payments.

- Original documents are not a requirement as we accept electronic copies. Please email signed documents to quote@rjfc.ca

- We accept ICS Courier.